Marketing your property


Todays present market is highly competitive. We need to ensure that your property is found . Through our many years of expertise and knowledge in the area, here's how we do it 

  • Meet with the owner to design a marketing program for their rental property.
  • Advise property owner in every aspect of Property Letting / Management .   
  • Give accurate and honest appraisal.
  • Help make property ready to rent.  
  • Expose property to many tenants.
  • Pursue all leads and inquiries. 
  • Be available for all showings. 
  • Offer free rental service to tenants.


Screen Applicants


Selecting the right tenant for your property is critical . We do our very best to make sure that each tenant suits the property.


  • All applications are completely verified .  
  • Prior to showing, tenants are pre-qualified and an appointment is made.
  • Thorough review of tenant's rental history.
  • Verification of current employment and income.
  • Contact previous landlord to verify payment history and care of property.
  • We contact you with the above information and make our recommendations.
Move in new Tenant


Once the new Tenant is in place there are a few final things left to make sure that they and you are happy and we make sure that everything else is completed.


  • We prepare all rental and lease agreements.
  • Arrange first month's rent and security deposit to be paid.
  • Standing orders are set up by our office to help ensure rent is paid on time, in one sum every month.
  • Instruct tenant to take care of your property.
Maintain your property
  • Provide fast and economical repairs including painting, new  carpet, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Use independent contractors, vendors and handymen at reduced rates.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency service.
  • Bid estimates and contract work ordered and approved maintenance person/persons supplied by this company will not charge a, "call out fee".
Property Inspections



Here at Dublin Property Management we feel property inspections are vital.

  • Periodic inspections of all managed properties are made to ensure tenants are maintaining and adhering to the terms of the  rental agreement.
  •  When a unit is signed on a one-year lease, inspections are carried out during the course of the contract. We will send an inspection report along with photographs of your property, at each inspection.   


Keep Tenants Happy


  • Our courteous professional staff will treat all tenants with respect and dignity.
  • We offer fast service for all work orders, maintenance calls and tenant questions.


We can advise on any payments related to the property i.e. mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc. 

Selected Properties




Excellent 3 bedroom home to let within easy access to the city centre and Drumcondra; close to numerous bus routes. 

Rent: € 1890 per Month
Aulden Grange
Aulden Grange



Available Now!! - Spacious 2 Bedroomed 1st Floor Apartment to let. 

Rent: € 1788 per Month