Under this service we :

  • Show the property until suitable tenants are found.
  • Obtain references from these tenants such as banker, employer and previous landlord, and ensure that all references are genuine  .
  • Draw up lease agreements including our own special conditions.
  • Transfer over utilities i.e. E.S.B, Gas etc.
  • Set up a standing order, so that your rent is paid on time every month, in one sum .
  • RTB Documentation and registration where required.  




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Under this service we: 


  • Inspect the property 2-4 times during the course of the contract.
  • Provide you with a full written report on all inspections.Our agents will be on call 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year, in case of emergencies.
  • If the tenants move out within the first six months we will refill the property at no extra charge to you.
  • Deal with all problems or negotiations speedily and effectively on your behalf.
  • Transfer over utilities i.e. E.S.B, Gas.
  • Our maintenance teams are available 24 hours a day/ 365.
  • Offer free rental service to tenants.
  • Hundreds of homes in management.





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Selected Properties




Excellent 3 bedroom home to let within easy access to the city centre and Drumcondra; close to numerous bus routes. 

Rent: € 1890 per Month
Three bed house , Clontarf
Three bed house , Clontarf



3 Bedrooms (1 single, 2 double), 1 Bathroom

Rent: € 2200 per Month