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Fairview is served brilliantly by public transport  by the Clontarf Road DART station. The area can also be reached by way of several Dublin Bus routes from the city centre, including 20B, 27/BCNX, 29A/N, 31/B, 32/ABX, 42/ABN, 43, 103, 104, 123, 127, 128, 129 and 130.


The main business areas of Fairview are along the Strand that runs alongsite Fairview Park, this is a narrow commercial and residential strip running from Edge's Corner around to Luke Kelly Bridge. One of the main features is that of Fairview Park, which was built on reclaimed land and was made smaller with the development in the eary 2000's by the Dublin Port Tunnel. Not only do we have a beautiful park that boasts beautiful walks and is famous for its seasonal bedding displays, treelined walks and great childrens playground, but it also hosts many playing pitches.

Fairview is also home to West Wood club one of Dublins largest health clubs, and its first 50 metre swimming pool.

Things of note.

Fairview was also the birth place of Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula and the administration of the area is Dublin County Council

A little bit of history of Fairview.

Fairview Strand was originally known as Philipsburg Strand and was home then of one of Dublins earlest Jewish communities, and on Fairview Strand Dublin's oldest Jewish Cemetery, Ballybough Cemetery was built in 1718.


Properties in Fairview

Windsor Ave, Fairview, Dublin 3
Price: € 1001 - 1500

Marino Crescent, Fairview, Dublin 3
Price: € 501 - 1000

Philipsburgh Ave, Fairview, Dublin 3
Price: € 1001 - 1500

Price: € 1001 - 1500

Price: € 501 - 1000

Malahide Road (Fairview End), Dublin 3.
Price: € 501 - 1000

Clonliffe Road, Fairview, Dublin 3
Price: € 1501 - 2000

Lomond Ave, Fairview,Dublin 3
Price: € 1501 - 2000

Selected Properties

3 BEDS Mount Prospect Drive, Clontarf
3 BEDS Mount Prospect Drive, Clontarf



3 Bedrooms (1 single, 2 double), 1 Bathroom

Rent: € 1700 per Month