Frequently Asked Questions

As the leading residential management company in Dublin the professionals at Dublin Property Management have seen and done it all. By managing 100's of properties our executive staff and team have managed all types of crises and most importantly, devised long-term solutions and action plans to handle such occurrences and prevent them wherever possible.

Radiators not heating fully?

If your radiators are not heating fully that means you could have an airblock in the radiator. To fix this you need to get a radiator key from any hardware shop . Then turn it slowly to release the air block. It may be a good idea to put an old towel underneath as there will be some water (which could be hot) that will leak. Once the water comes out, then close the nut with the key. But if you are having constant issues then you may have other issues, like a leakage in your heating system. Then you should call us.

What should I do to ensure Fire Safety?

Fire safety is a concern for every tenant. People in living in older properties need to be particularly vigilant. Please take a minute to read these fire safety tips - they could save your life:

  1. When viewing a property, look for a smoke detector and an unobstructed fire exit.
  2. Check that windows are not barred or nailed shut.
  3. Get smoke alarms and test them regularly
  4. Keep a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in your kitchen.
  5. Make sure that all electrical appliances, sockets and leads are in good working order. Don't overload sockets.
  6. With an open fire, always use a fireguard and make sure the room is ventilated.
  7. Don't use chip pans, they are too dangerous.
  8. Check that your cooker is turned off and put out an open fire before you go to bed.
  9. Have an escape plan and practice it with your flatmates.
  10. Contact us / your landlord immediately with problems. Your landlord must act, but your safety is your responsibility.
What Causes a Blockage in toilets?

Unfortunately, toilets occasionally do get blocked, usually due to too much toilet paper or heavy loads being put down the pan.

Unblocking the toliet pan

Following these simple steps should fix most blockages:

  • Try pushing a flexible drain cleaning wire down the WC pan.
  • It is a good idea to ask someone to observe the drain chamber while you are doing this to see if the item causing the blockage emerges. Anything emerging that may have caused the blockage should be removed. If you do no't remove an offending item, you only run the risk of it causing a blockage further down the system which may be more difficult to unblock.
  • It is worth using a plunger or auger if you have one.
  • A chemical drain cleaner or caustic soda may help, but you must follow the instructions carefully and remember these products need to be handled safely. Always use rubber gloves.
Have a blocked toilet?

Here are the Essential Tools you will need to tackle a blocked loo:

  • Plunger
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Clearing Rods
  • Auger
Anything else I can do to clear a blocked toilet?

Other things you can try are using an old mop with a plastic bag tied around the head as a makeshift super-sized plunger. This can be very effective.

You can also try pouring hot or boiling water down the pan as an alternative to using caustic soda. Often this can be helpful and will break down clogged up matter down your waste pipe. Remember If in doubt contact us.

How to deal with Damp?

Damp problems are very common in older houses especially in the Ireland which has a wet climate.
Often the best cure for damp is plenty of ventilation. A few preventative measures or early intervention can also work wonders in keeping your home dry. Remember, the very best cure for damp is often simple - OPEN windows .It is worth checking in a rented property especially that vents are not blocked or covered.

A well ventilated property will do a lot of work towards preventing damp. Also, remember that damp may occur after very heavy rain when older brick work becomes sodden. It may then rectify itself when normal weather returns. Often the remedy is quite simple. If in doubt contact us.

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